Saturday 30 October 2010

Saturday Review: Moes Grill, K Village

The only full restaurant at K Village, the management of Moes Grill are obviously trying to attract local residents to supplement the tourists who come in by coach to take advantage of all the discount shops available in the newly opened complex.

Today there was a well publicised event to attract in parents and their children. We were tempted in by offers of all sorts of freebies: food tasting, bouncy castle and face painting. At the end of half term this was very tempting with over stretched purses and bored children. My kids were excited by the thought of "paint face" and bouncy castle. I was interested in the free food for a hungry family! We duly drove up to the car park at 3PM to check out what was on offer.

A minor hiccup occurred as we arrived just as the car park barrier had a funny 5 minutes and initially refused to issue tickets causing a huge tail back. The car park is a work in progress and having only been open a couple of months is obviously experiencing teething problems! When we finally parked up my kids rushed straight upstairs to the face painting area outside the restaurant. 

Not surprisingly there was a bit of a queue for this as there was only one lady doing the painting (it subsequently emerged that there was another inside the restaurant but no-one told the people outside this!). My children and my temper just about survived the wait and the final results were worth it: 


I then tried to persuade my kids to sample the free food on offer but they dragged me round to terrace to the bouncy castles! Turns out there was also a rodeo ride and one of those bungee runs. My children were in seventh heaven and I've never seen shoes come off so quick! My daughter was relieved to find out she was tall enough for the rodeo ride not that she was any good:

ready to ride

and she's off
My son was happy on the bouncy castle jumping around and bouncing off the walls. Big sister was game to try the bungee run although the belt was way to big for her skinny waist and she was far too light to have any impact on the bungee... It took quite some time to get my kids off the fun things and into the restaurant for the food tasting!

Once in we were offered a selection of items from the menu which were served up on paper plates by one of the management. My son chose chicken fillets and potato wedges, my daughter had a plate of lasagne and I tried a bit of everything except the mushrooms. Daughter's plate was soon emptied, my son was lured by the free pick n mix bar and hardly touched his. Everything I had was very tasty and washed down with a nice coffee whilst the children had another play outside.

It was very hard to get my children to leave but I was conscience of the mounting car park fees. We eventually left after nearly 2 hours! Getting out of the car park was an experience as the ticket we'd been issued on entry was faulty and we had to pay the car park attendants directly to exit...

So will I be taking my children back to eat at Moes anytime soon? Well at £4.50 for children's meals and adult meals around £10 I can't really afford to! The food was good but it's priced out of my current limited budget. So thanks to the management for the fun afternoon but unless someone else is paying I just can't afford it....

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