Tuesday 19 November 2013

Toy Review: Trashies in Toilets

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Since we were sent our first Trash Packs in the summer my son has been asking me for more! So you can imagine his reaction when I asked him if he'd like to review the new Toilet Trashies... 

They really are designed to appeal to boys as they appear revolting to grown ups:

trashies in toilets 5 pack

We were sent a 5 pack collection worth £4.99 which is about average for this kind of collectable. Each trashie comes in its own little toilet:

trashie in toilet

They are all very gruesome (my son's description) with their own unique details:

trashie on toilet

Like the original versions they can be used for playing games or make mum's stomachs churn! They would make a fun stocking filler for young boys. And with 2 packs priced at £2.49 they are aimed at the pocket money bracket to encourage a collection of them.


  1. That looks fabulous! I shall pop to the just giving page on payday :-) x (well done 1st lady)


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