Monday 4 November 2013

#ButlinsAmbassadors The Wave Hotel, Bognor Regis

Having been on a bargain break to Butlins' Skegness  in February half term we were very excited to be picked as Butlins Ambassadors for this year. We decided that we would like to see what one of the other resorts was like and so had a break arranged for the Bognor Regis in the Wave Hotel. I have to say the building looked very impressive from the outside when we pulled up in the car park, though to appreciate it you needed to be a bit further away:

Butlins Wave Hotel

We had arrived early so could only partly check in but had full use of the resort for a couple of hours until 3PM when our Dolphin room was ready for us. The children knew that their beds were going to have individual TVs in them so they were very excited to find their submarine themed room:

Butlins Wave Hotel bunk beds

Butlins Wave Hotel submarine theme

The porthole window in their door was useful for spotting when they were sneakily watching a film far too late at night! I had brought their headphones so that we could all listen to our own things with out disturbing each other.

My room had a double bed made of 2 singles joined together which was very comfortable. There was plenty of built in storage, a fridge and a safe. I also had a TV which I hardly used. We had a lovely little bathroom which included a bath:

Butlins Wave Hotel bathroom

My son found the toilet flush buttons too hard to push but they were fine for my daughter and I. The basin plug got stuck one night when my daughter was washing off face paint but a quick call to reception and it was easily fixed. 

One of the best features of the main bedroom was our balcony. To look out on the first morning to this was amazing:

Butlins Wave Hotel balcony view

The hotel was conveniently located near to all the facilities so we could easily pop back to have a drink and a snack when we needed a break:

Butlins Wave Hotel kids's balcony

It was reassuring that the guard rail on the balcony was set so high as my son is a bit of a daredevil and we were on the 5th floor:

Butlins Wave Hotel balcony safety

I loved seeing how the view changed dependant on the weather and being able to look over the main Skyline Pavilion:

Butlins Wave Hotel balcony view

In the hotel there was a Games Port which included Wii games amongst other tech entertainment. My son was more enamoured of this room than his sister:

Butlins Wave Hotel Games Port

Being in the hotel there was free WiFi access which worked fabulously until our last night when too many of us used it at once and it was a bit flaky. 

All in all a great hotel for families with primary aged children who want to be close to the action but have some where comfortable and suitably techno to retreat to. More to come on the rest of our stay!


  1. I've been to Bognor three times now but never stayed in The Wave, always The Ocean. For our stay in April I've booked The Wave and I'm ever so tentative about it. It does look very cool though and nicely located.

  2. Was perfect for us with slightly older kids. Are you in the same Dolphin room or another style?

  3. Love the submarine room - what a great idea separate tellys is!

  4. Can't wait to see what this room is like in person in Feb - great positive write up I'm excited. Have linked to you in my latest Butlins post. xx


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