Friday 15 November 2013

Teaching children to think of others

I am writing this whilst watching BBC Children in Need with my children. Since they have been at school this annual event has really helped them to think about those less fortunate than themselves. My daughter at 10 understands more than her 7 old brother, to him its all about wearing a onesie and buying cakes:

Children in Need PJ day

The key to getting children into raising money does seem to be putting fun into the event. My daughter will do things like paint nails and she has run the Race for Life with me 3 times in total:

Race for Life Preston 2013

With the disaster in the Philippines making the headlines on their news as well as the grown up news they have asked me to send a contribution. They know that people their have lost everything except the clothes on their backs. Compared to them we are incredibly well off so I have given what I can afford. 

Tomorrow my son and I are doing the Santa Dash in Kendal in aid of our local Cancer Care charity. It's only about a mile in total but its all about the festive fun and doing our little bit to help, if you want to help us then please click the button below:

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How do you get your children to think of others?


  1. WifeMumStudentBum15 November 2013 at 23:02

    I think as I get older I realise how well off we are. I mean we don't have a flash car, we don't have an amazing house - we don't really have any 'spare' money. But we have a lot more than a lot of people in dire situations around the world, and if we can help then we will. Good luck with your Santa Dash x

  2. thank you, we are so much better off than so many people around the world

  3. Good Luck with the Santa Dash. You are so lucky to have such giving children, their time is also something they are giving which is precious xx

  4. they can be so caring which is great :-)


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