Wednesday 13 November 2013

Oh to be back at La Grande Metairie...

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It's cold and its wet and all it took to make me wish I was back at La Grande Metairie was the arrival of a case of the beer that my dad and I enjoyed drinking in Brittany:

Pelforth blonde

It takes me back to the week we spent on the campsite with my parents enjoying its 5 star facilities including the pool complex:

la grande metairie water slides

La Grande Metairie
Only the Brits wanted to swim on wet days!

My children just had so much fun getting water confident jumping into the water that was deeper than they could stand up in:
Child jumping into swimming pool

Or just messing about in the rings we bought at the campsite shop:

Swimming pool fun

There was even a chance to try out pony trekking:

pony trekking

The children learnt how to play table tennis:

child playing table tennis

And had a laugh with the evening entertainment:

la grande metairie entertainment

Being set next to the town of Carnac we had to go and visit the Megaliths:

Carnac megaliths

There was just so much else to explore from the campsite and I have already written about some of our early highlights in this postcard post. We tried out the local beaches:

girl Carnac beach

boy jumping waves

Visited a chateau:

Chateau de Suscinio

Saw an 18th century citadel:

Citadel at Port-Louis

And of course sampled the local beverages:

Cider from Brittany

All in all a perfect three generation family holiday and I would love to head back there again... I'd better start saving up instead of browsing the Thomson Al Fresco web site and day dreaming... Vive la France et sante!

The beer featured in this post came from Beers of Europe.


  1. So glad you're keeping the linky going! I shall sit down and write my #R2BC right now!

  2. Linked up! I forgot to comment on your R2BC. It must be exciting for your daughter to be getting her 'grown up' space, and you are rightly proud of your children's school reports. That map is amazing to be drawn free hand - I'm always amazed by how well my children draw even now, since I'm rubbish at drawing although I've always loved art.

  3. Jeannette @autismmumma14 November 2013 at 11:38

    All linked up and glad R2BC is still carrying on. I've got similar reasons this week :) The map is really good and well done on the school reports.

  4. Looking for Blue Sky14 November 2013 at 11:41

    I missed this, so glad that you're hosting R2BC - off to finish my post now :)

  5. happy hosting! lovely reasons, so glad you are all on the mend. I'd get cabin fever if stuck at home for 5 days so well done on getting through it!

  6. Glad you're on the mend! You have done amazing in that bedroom! Can't wait to see what it'll look like finished :-) x

  7. YAY! So glad you're hosting!! Thank you. I would have really missed R2BC otherwise lol.

    The bedroom looks great! x

  8. getting there! I am hosting this month then handing over the baton for December... will see ehat happens by January :-)

  9. 5 days at home is enough to go mad!! well it is for me glad your better now! Enjoy hosting Im glad it continues on its my fave blog hop love to read and write about what makes me happy and blessed!

  10. had to indulge in wine therapy! couldn't let this much loved hop wither away :-)

  11. glad you are all feeling better. That map is impressive! It seems to be parent consultations everywhere at the moment and we were relieved to hear that D is getting on ok after being home-schooled for so long! Well done for your kids too at school. Have a great weekend xxx

  12. What a cute bookcase! the new owner must be very happy. Well done you with your room decorating progress. So share pics when you are done. Pleased to know that you and the kids have recovered. Here's to another good week.

  13. So heartening to read how much R2BC has made a difference to you. Thanks for hosting. Mich x

  14. that must be comforting she is settling in! thanks for joining in :-)

  15. apparently she is! thank you. hoping we all have great week's


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