Wednesday 27 November 2013

Workout Wednesday

Today I started to real feel my running confidence come back, I just went out and ran and it was feeling really good and when my Garmin bleeped each split time I couldn't really believe how much faster I was going without it feeling hard:

running split times

OK so I am not going to be running in the Olympics any time soon but it did mean that I knocked off nearly 2 minutes from my best ever 5 km run:

Personal best 5 km

So now I need to work on getting that under the 30 minute mark as well as managing to up my game to complete the 10 km race on the 14th December. As you can see by my face at the end of today's run I finally feel confident that I can do it:

Becky Willoughby post run

A couple of other runners recommended I used Strava to get better stats to bore everyone with track my progress. So I spent some time uploading all my runs as tracked via the Garmin since I got it in May! It really showed what a good run I had today:

  •  Best estimated 5k effort (31:16) 
  •  Best estimated 2 mile effort (19:44)
  •  Best estimated 1 mile effort (9:46) 
  •  Best estimated 1k effort (5:42) 

So if you want to follow my running progress then look out for me on Strava:

Looking at all the leader boards etc. on there shows what a challenge I have in becoming a real runner but at least it feels like I may actually be getting there now!

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