Tuesday 26 November 2013

Book Review: Grandpa Six Legs by Marc Grimston and Mike Allard

Just over a year ago I was having dinner with a friend who just happens to be author Marc Grimston, he promised my then 5 year old son that one day he would write a story with him as the star. In February we spent some time together and my children both helped with some of the story writing:

Marc Grimston getting junior editorial advice

Another friend Mike Allard requested photographs of the children to help with the illustrations in the story. It took a while to complete and publish but finally this week my children received their specially dedicated copies of Grandpa Six Legs:

Grandpa Six Legs Marc Grimston and Mike Allard

The children were so delighted to get them they stuck their noses straight in and read their copies:

reading Grandpa Six Legs

If you look closely you will see that the back cover bears an uncanny resemblance to the photo at the top of this post:

Grandpa Six Legs back cover illustration

This is the official description of the book:

Grandpa Six Legs is a fun story for young children. It's about an old man who lives in an old folks' home, but he has a secret! He is actually a retired Super Hero! His Grandchildren visit each weekend. His young grandson thinks that his Grandpa's stories are fantastic but his older sister thinks that Grandpa is just a silly old man. Something happens to prove the truth. Grandpa Six Legs is an ideal story to read to your little ones at bed time to let them dream of their own Super Hero Grandparents, or to help them as they start reading for themselves.

My son is delighted that like him his namesake adores his Grandpa and believes his stories about being a super hero. His older sister remains unconvinced until something happens that gives Grandpa a chance to prove whether he is just telling tales.

A great story to share with any child who may believe that their grandparent could be a retired super hero in disguise! My 7 year old also enjoyed reading it aloud himself so its great to help build up confidence in budding readers. The children can't wait to take the books into school to show their teachers!

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