Saturday 9 November 2013

#CountryKids Guinea Pigs

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

have been confined to barracks since Tuesday through illness but luckily we have our new guinea pigs to keep us in touch with the great outdoors! I had a guinea pig as a child and my children have wanted some for a while so this Saturday after our holiday we went and picked up some new additions to the family.

Before going away we had been given a second hand outdoor hutch which is waiting for my dad to have a chance to give it some TLC:

guinea pig hutch

Luckily on our way back from holiday a friend gave us her old indoor run so we had somewhere to put guinea pigs whilst waiting for the outdoor one to be sorted (in fact if it stays cold the guinea pigs may remain indoors for the winter!):

guinea pig indoor cage

I think its good for children to have pets to both teach them responsibility and to get in touch with nature. One thing they had to learn was to let them settle for a few days before they could be handled:

guinea pigs on lap

At the moment my 7 year old is actually petrified of having his rather active guinea pig running over him so I have had a few cuddles instead. Bubble does have a habit of running up to my neck:

guinea pig on neck

He did also take a fancy to hiding inside my dressing gown:

guinea pig peekaboo

I am really hoping that my son will come to love his guinea pig as much as his sister already does. They have both already shown a keenness to look after them and we cleaned them out with team work. I am sure they will feature on more blogposts in the future!

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