Saturday 12 May 2012

Family History: 1911 Census

I discovered that Ancestry were offering free access to the 1911 census last night so I thought it was time to double check I had all my ancestors that were alive at this point in time: 

Newly weds Oswald Guy (a wine merchant's clerk) and Marjorie Amy Bedell in St Albans my great grandparents from my mum's mother. The only one of their parents still alive was Emily Jane Bedell who was lodging in Stevenage with her daughter Margaret Isobel (a pharmacist).

Grandpa Vivian Haldane Bruce Linford was at boarding school at Alywin College, Arnside. This is not far from us here so my mum is going to try and find it. His mum Annie Mary Harrison Linford with 2 of her children (Elsie Dorothy (a music teacher) and Arthur Forbes (an insurance clerk)) plus nephew Stanley Haldane Linford Greaves (a chartered accountant) in Didsbury, Manchester. They had a live in servant called Edit (sp) Norman. There was also a lodger Charles J Weber (insurance clerk). My great grandmother has both married and widowed on her entry. This is because her husband Albert Wallace (a former wine merchant) was a patient in an asylum. There he is listed with his initials and the final column says he became a lunatic aged 47 (this was due to him contracting syphilis).

My great grandparents Owen Evan and Hannah Honorah Audrey Jones were residing in Ormskirk. He was a Certified Elementary Teacher and a colleague John Lund was lodging with them.

Great, great granny Jane Kellet was running the Station Inn in Skelmersdale with my great granny Lillie Agnes and two more daughters Fanny (
a school teacher) and Bertha still living with her. Great grandpa Charles Band (who married Lillie in 1915) was a teacher in Bickerstaffe. His mother Sarah was living in Glossop and had 3 grandsons in the house Charles Kemble, Frank and Cecil Elliott.

Then I struck gold with my 2x great grandparents Edward and Martha Spencer. His birthplace was recorded as Beggars Bush Barracks, Dublin!!! 
So off I went to Google to find out more! I came across the marriage of his parents Edward and Catherine Dunne in 1848 which is the record in this image. It gave me the names of the fathers too so I have now added Timothy Dunne to my tree as a new 4x great grandfather. As for 3x grandpa Edward I now need to find out more about his career in the 55th (Westmorland) regiment. What was a Yorkshireman doing serving with them?

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