Friday 18 May 2012

Friday review: Schleich Dinosaurs

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There was much excitement from my 5 year old son when I told him we were being sent dinosaurs to review. Every day he would ask have my dinosaurs arrived yet mummy?. So when they did come in the post he was very keen to get them out and start playing with them.

My son is a mini expert so he informed me that we had been sent a brachiosaurus, a spinosaurus and a parasaurolophus! Amazing how toys can stretch a child's vocabulary...

He briefly let me photograph him playing with them before scooping them up to take outside to show his friends. Since then we have taken dinosaurs to various places and he loves having adventures with them.

Schleich's attention to detail really comes across with the dinosaurs and the spinosaurus even has a jaw that opens and closes. This makes role play even more exciting.

If you have a dinosaur fan in the family then these would be an excellent edition to their collection. The range starts at £2 but the ones we were sent were £4 (brachiosaurus), £8 (parasaurolophus) and £10 (spinosaurus).

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