Thursday 17 May 2012

Thursday Review: Japanese Best Friend Doll

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You know that a product is going to be a hit when your child ignores you saying wait until I'm ready and starts cracking on with it! These are a traditional Japanese kokeshi dolls which are hand painted to give to friends. The set comes with 3 dolls, paints, brush and decorations. There are clear instructions (which my daughter as usual failed to take out of box and read!). The most important instruction is to wait 15 minutes between coats which it recommends doing by rotating through the 3 dolls in turn.

As you can see my daughter is a very hasty person and I'm sure a neater finish would be possible with more care! The instructions give various ideas for how to finish the dolls and my daughter did a variety of them:

You then attach a message to the doll and insert a secret message into the space underneath.

The dolls have an RRP of £9.99 and are aimed at girls aged 8 plus. If your daughter is having a sleepover then either she could make one for each friend or if it's just 3 girls then they could paint one each. My daughter certainly enjoyed painting the dolls and with more patience they would have had a better finish but they are a lovely idea for tween age girls.

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