Monday 14 May 2012

Monday Review: Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom: The Elf Games

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For fans of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom this is the latest DVD collection brought out to join in with the Olympic summer. In total there are 11 episodes to watch:

  • The elf games
  • Nanny's lesson
  • Mrs witch
  • Elf joke day
  • King Thistle's new clothes
  • Elf school
  • The Royal Golf Course
  • Morning noon and night
  • Gaston's visit
  • Trip to the seaside
The DVD gives options of choosing one episode, play all or magic shuffle. This gives a chance to have a short session or a long one.

Each story has a little lesson for children to learn in a story fashion. It also shows how the different Elves and Fairies do things differently but that working together brings out the best results. Some of the episodes such as nanny's lesson teach children about farm animals and where eggs, milk and wool come from.

Both my 5 year old son and 8 year old daughter were content to sit quietly and watch the DVD together. We don't normally watch the show so it was a nice treat to have a selection of episodes. At £8.99 for 11 episodes it's not bad value at all.


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