Monday 21 May 2012

Monday Review: Schleich Smurfs

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My children were pleased to get a bunch of Schleich Smurfs in the post. We somehow managed to miss the film but my children knew what they were.

To get in the spirit of an Olympic year the Smurfs are all doing a different sport:

We had a weight lifter, a beach volley ball player, a swimmer and a relay runner. Each character has its little details to bring it to life. They really appealed to me but my children were happier with other toys.

This maybe because they are more of a looking at model than a playing with one. They also aren't major Smurf fans and so weren't as enthusiastic as me!

Altogether there are 10 sporty smurfs to collect. They are available in box sets of 5 from £16.75. As individual items they are around £4.

I definitely think these are heading for my collection rather than the childrens'!

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