Wednesday 30 May 2012

Wednesday book review: Out of Time - Gill Jepson

This is Gill's debut novel and it's based around her love of her local area and especially Furness abbey. It may be a book aimed at teens but it had me hooked! I love the fact that it's based in the nearby Furness peninsula.

The book combines a mystery and time travel as Rebecca and her friends race against evil forces to find the hidden treasure. The action takes place in Tudor times, the 1930s and modern day. It includes ghosts and monsters too.

If you love Cumbria and enjoy a historical mystery with a bit of fantasy then I recommend this book. The sequel is due out soon so I will add that to my reading list...

I really need to drive along and visit the abbey this holiday and put the places in the book into context.


  1. Hi Hun, I have nominated you for a beautiful blogger award. Check out my blog for all the details

  2. MidlifeSinglemum30 May 2012 at 19:19

    Sounds just the sort of book I'd love. Thanks for sharing.


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