Thursday 16 September 2010

Reasons to be cheerful

Our home

Is lovely! A perfect sized home for the three of us in a nice quiet street. We have really friendly neighbours and the kids can play outside safely. Its a lovely walk into town from the house.


My daughter has settled in really well at her new school. She has made new friends and seems really happy. Her reading is becoming very confident. She is enjoying the class Our Body topic and loves telling me all about it.

My son seems to be loving his new nursery and has a new best friend, although they have already argued over a girl! He won't be in for full sessions until the end of the month but its looking promising so far.

I have been meeting lots of the other parents and they have been very welcoming. We have all had fun after school in the village playground with other families.


It is fantastic being so close to my parents and other family members. Being able to have them pop over is lovely. My children are really enjoying having their grandparents very involved in their lives.


We have all been enjoying our new church and have been made very welcome and the children are very happy in their Sunday School. I have been able to join a mum's spiritual coffee morning mid week which is fabulous. Afterwards the children were able to socialise and O seemed to make some more friends.


The end is in sight as the Nisi has been declared. Just the financial aspects to be resolved before its all over and I can fully start over afresh.


  1. Lovely post, you have such a positive attitude.

    Good luck with the next chapter of you life, I am sure it will be wonderful.

  2. Thanks Alethea trying to stay positive and so much in my life is going right at the moment!

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  4. Well done for looking to the positive. This is a really wonderful post


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