Saturday 11 September 2010

Saturday Review: Morrisons New Season Cider with raspberry

I was perusing the cider aisle in my local Morrisons tonight when this cider caught my eye, the special offer of 2 for £3 may have had something to do with it, and it looked a bit different. I duly purchased my two bottles and brought them home and placed them in the fridge.

To quote the blurb on the label:

This is the latest in a range of 2009 vintage ciders developed from an exclusive partnership between Morrisons and H. Weston & Sons Ltd.

The first I sampled over ice as I hadn't had long enough to chill it. It was a lovely looking cider with the raspberry juice turning it pink. The aroma was more raspberry than apple and it tasted a lovely combination of the two fruits. I am a dry cider drinker and this was nicely on the drier end of the scale.

I think I may well be stocking up on this for my birthday celebrations next month! At 2 units of alcohol a bottle (4% by volume) it isn't as potent as many of Weston's ciders but it was very refreshing.

If anyone else wants me to review their ciders please let me know!

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  1. ooohh! me too...i would review cider lol

    Kay xxx


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