Monday 6 September 2010

New school nerves

My daughter starts her new school tomorrow having moved to the other end of the country. She will be going into a class twice the size of her old school and has only vaguely met one girl from her year group. Unlike her old school I don't know it all except for our initial visit and I have only really talked to the head.

It has a similar ethos to her old school being a church school with Forest status. The children spend quite a large amount of time making the most of the surrounding countryside. Hopefully this will help her to settle in.

At the minute with her being somewhere between precocious and obnoxious I hope she gets off on the right foot. The girl she met at church from her class seemed to instantly like her enough to hold hands crossing the road! She does put people's backs up by being bolshy and demanding sometimes so I want her to show her best side.

I am not sure how quickly her teacher will be able to establish her levels in literacy and numeracy. Her old teachers had her doing a year ahead maths and she was one of the best readers in her class. If she gets bored of doing something too easy then who knows what will happen!

Of course the other nerve wracking thing is meeting the other mums & dads! At her old school I was over enthusiastic and labelled as posh due to my accent... Will have to soft pedal this time and hopefully come across as just a middle of the road mum. Having to explain that I'm a lone parent doesn't get easier either...

My son will be phased into his nursery from tomorrow afternoon with me being with him for his first visit. He is in a class of 30 so hopefully the staff will soon be able to work him out! Several families in our street have children in the same class so hopefully this will ease the transition for him.

So who is most nervous about tomorrow?

Probably me! My daughter has her moments but she is a confident 6 year old and is happy in new situations. My son seems totally unconcerned. Only time will tell...

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