Sunday 12 September 2010

Re-establishing Routines

Well having survived week 1 of my daughter at new school I am now trying to work out how to make week 2 easier with new routines to go with it! It doesn't help that my son doesn't get fully up to his maximum days at nursery for another couple of weeks...

I have been trying to follow the Fly Lady system for a couple of years but never quite got it fully up and running as life kept getting in the way. She is a major advocate of routines to keep your family life running smoothly. It is true that when you keep the same things happening at the same time every day/week things are less frantic so I just need to knuckle down and get my routines bedded in...


Kids dressed before coming downstairs (No TV until dressed)
Check the calendar
Daughter to her school
Housework tasks
Any shopping


School pick up
Take orders for packed lunches
Check calendar (believe me I miss all sorts normally!)

Before bed

My daughter makes sure her school uniform ready
I make any packed lunches
Check the calendar
Put school bags & shoes near front door
Where possible start preparing dinner for next night

What sort of routines do you have?

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