Thursday 23 September 2010

Dear Inconsiderate Driver *rant alert*

Herewith are some open letters to some of the inconsiderate drivers I've come across this week:

Dear badly parked driver,

In future could you please try and stick to your own parking bay in a narrow underground car park? It is actually nice to be able to park in an allocated bay without having to:

  • a) fold my wing mirrors in 
  • b) perform a contortionist trick to get back in

I do hope you enjoyed having to climb in from the passenger side of your car to get back in?

Dear inconsiderate parker,

Did you not notice that you had pulled up on double yellow lines? Did you not see that there was an alley way with vehicle access that you were blocking the exit of?

Please next time wear your glasses if you need them and look before you park your vehicle.

Dear Mr HGV driver,

I know you have a tight delivery schedule but wouldn't it better for everyone if you avoided the narrow roads at school drop off and pick up times? It must be hard enough to drive down the village streets without all the extra cars doing the school run.

Yours with little hope that anything will change,

Mrs W


  1. I hate inconsiderate drivers!!! I share your rant on this post!

  2. Dear School Run Mum,
    Please try walking instead of driving the school run. It's healthier and safer when all the cars blocking the roads on the school run are off the road.
    The Articulated Lorry Delivery Driver.

  3. Dear Articulated Lorry Driver,

    I would walk my children to school but it's not safe walking them down a road with no pavements that HGVs are driving down ;-)

    Once both my children are attending the same school and I no longer have a suicidal 3 year old then maybe I'll consider it!

    School Run Mum


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