Monday 15 March 2010

Secret Post Club

This month I signed up for Heather from Notes from Lapland's brilliant Secret Post Club.

The idea being to share a little love with a fellow random blogger by popping them a parcel in the post. This makes for a nice surprise arriving at your door...

Mine turned out to be from Amanda at Flying Start Magazine she had checked out my profile and saw that I like puzzles so I now have a challenge of solving this:

come back later and see if I can:

  1. work out how to take it apart 
  2. can put it back together

Apparently the instructions are hidden in the box so I need to keep them somewhere safe.... but not look!

Thanks Amanda should keep me out of mischief for hours :-)


  1. Good luck with that one! You'll be cursing me as you frustratingly throw it at the wall!!! (Might help get it apart though!!!) xx

  2. maybe my 3 year old will do it before me ;-)

  3. as someone that hates puzzles i will be studiously making sure i don't pair myself up with manda anytime soon! lol Just joking Manda, honest.

    good look with the puzzle


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