Thursday 25 March 2010

My brighter side!

A lot of this blog is doom and gloom so I'm glad to have been tagged by Potential Mummy B for a meme on what makes us happy! This therefore forces me to do a post on things that brighten up my life. I hope that some of these will strike a chord with some of you..

So what puts a smile on my face and a glow in my heart?

  1. Snuggles in bed with my gorgeous children. There is something about their warm little bodies cuddling up to me under the duvet.
  2. The sound of my children giggling and laughing at whatever has taken their fancy. It's spontaneous and natural and wants to make me join in.
  3. A mug of freshly brewed real coffee, especially if it's been made for me by my daughter as I'm lying in bed on a Saturday morning. This is my favourite Emma Bridgewater mug which sums up 2 of my loves in one:
  4. Reading a good book, especially historical fiction or fantasy, without any interruptions. Normally this only takes place after the kids are in bed.
  5. A glass of fine wine such as Merlot, Pinot Grigio or Champagne. Preferably in the company of someone else who appreciates good quality vino.
  6. Spending time with the people I love and care about and who love and care about me. No need to act or pretend just enjoy their company.
  7. A walk in the countryside with just the noises from nature and the sight of the beautiful British landscape.
  8. The way my kids run to greet me when I pick them up from school / nursery.
  9. The feeling of climbing into bed when the sheets have just been changed. They are just so smooth and fresh.
  10. Getting a good report about my children from school. Knowing that they are doing well makes me feel like one very proud and happy mummy.
OK so now I hand over the baton to:


  1. Oooh me. Right shall do it as soon as! Plus a lot of those sounded really good to me too!

  2. Ooh marvellous. A lovely list of happy things.

    I shall get on the case.


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