Thursday 11 March 2010

A perfect day (in my dreams!)

After yesterday's downer post I thought I would invent one about my idea of a perfect day or how today should have gone... at the end I will tag a few people so you can also let us know about your ideal imaginary day....

I slowly realised that I was awake and was all on my own in my nice big, comfy bed and it wasn't time to get up yet! The kids had let me enjoy the freshly laundered sheets by myself and I had slept straight through the night. Shortly afterwards the radio clicked on and I snuggled under the duvet listening to Moira Stewart reading the news on Radio 2. A few minutes of Chris Evan's show and I was ready to get up and face the day feeling refreshed after a full night's sleep.

I wandered down the hall to the bathroom and on passing the kids' room I called to tell them it was time to get up. There was no moaning & whinging just two bright & bushy tailed children keen and eager to start the day. By the time I had had my nice hot shower the kids were both dressed and ready to go down for breakfast. E went and made me a fresh coffee from the Tassimo whilst I got myself dressed. Once downstairs everyone quickly chose their breakfast and we were all ready to leave on time for school with all required bags, coats etc.

A smooth drive to school and we got there in plenty of time for the kids to let off steam in the playground whilst I had a good natter with the mummies & grannies. My daughter readily went into class with a quick kiss and O and I headed back to the car. Another quick chat in the car park whilst O balanced on the wall then it was off to softplay for some fun.

O was straight into the ball pool leaving me to enjoy a good workout with Active Hastings. Afterwards we had a snack before chasing each other around the slides & climbing frames. Then a nice healthy lunch before one last play and off to nursery. Through out all this there have been no toileting accidents.

Time for me to go home and catch up on housework and paperwork without any children needing my help. Plenty of time to get on Twitter & Facebook and catch up with people.

Still feeling good I head off on school run to get the kids. E happy to see me and chats all the way back to town about her day. On picking up O I only hear good things about him playing nicely, not being rude and going to the loo.

Back home the kids play nicely together leaving me plenty of time to cook a healthy dinner. We all sit down at the table and no-one objects to anything that is on their plate and tuck in gusto. After tea time for a bit of TV before starting bedtime routines. O has a bath, several stories and then goes straight off to sleep. I then have some time with E to listen to her read and to play a game before she too goes off to bed like a dream.

It's 8 and I'm still feeling energised enough to sort out the kitchen and get the laundry on (not as much as normal as Oliver has been perfect with the loo!). Then time for me to curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine, my laptop and some TV...

Bliss! Shame it hardly happens that way... now over to:

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tell us your perfect day and then tag 4 more peeps ;-)


  1. I love it! My first Meme, thank you!... I'll get to work as soon as I can x

  2. Haha, although my perfect day would start similar to yours it would then drastically involve a lot less child care activities. ;0))

  3. I love it! And I do agree with Nova; though that day is pretty darned perfect mine would probably not involve the kids as much :)


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