Thursday 4 March 2010

The beauty of blogging [Guest Post]

This a guest post by Potential Mummy B from My Baby Adventure. As part of Little Mummy's  Guest Post Day. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did and please visit her blog.

I’m new to blogging and already I’m captivated by it.

As a writer I’ve always put pen to paper, especially in the darkest hours of my life so far. I find it therapeutic, cathartic.

But when, on Christmas Eve, I suffered an early miscarriage, my world took a turn for the painful. During this time of sadness my writing was one of the things (apart from my wonderful husband and my amazing family) that took my mind off my loss and made me focus on all that is positive in my life.

I kept a journal of my feelings and began to dig around on the Internet for ways of expressing myself that was more befitting of the current century (not that I don’t love my parchment, feather and ink pot!). I’d never considered blogging before but, after some investigation, I discovered a whole new world out there. A world where everyone has a voice and that voice is valid.

It didn’t take me long (with the help of my longtime buddy, Google) to find a platform from which to broadcast my particular strain of voice.

I love to express myself, exercise my opinions and explore my feelings on paper. Whether anybody reads my ramblings or not was not my immediate concern (though of course I’m eternally grateful that people actually do!). The real reason for my blogging (and I think for many of the other bloggers around me) is to work through thoughts, put feelings into words and thereby make dealing with them all the clearer and more logical.

And yet, by entering into the wonderful world that is blogging, I’ve discovered a whole new community. I’m still lingering on the outskirts of that community, like the new girl at school, nervously twiddling her fingers and scuffing the toes of her shoes on the ground while she wonders what might happen if she strays too far into the playground.

Will people point and laugh and pull my metaphorical pig tails? Will people ridicule my writing, my thoughts, my feelings? Or will I be accepted with open arms and invited to partake in the rituals (Memes, vlogs, carnivals and workshops) of this magical, mystical world?

Having taken my first few tentative steps into the blogging world, I’ve learnt that sharing and spreading comment love is the currency of acceptance here. The only emotions I’ve encountered since venturing in have been positive ones. Support for my writing, recognition of my emotions and confirmation of my feelings by so many lovely people.

And imagine my delight when I realised that this mysterious, dizzying world isn’t just about writing about your own thoughts, your own life, your own misgivings and successes. It’s also about delving into other people’s lives and drinking in life, love, fear, joy and rants through other people’s eyes!

This is a school I shall enjoy attending. I can’t wait to learn more things, explore more worlds and create more blog posts.

I love this blogging world that is the ‘inter-hyper-mega-global-interweb’ and all that it entails!

Thanks for reading,

Potential Mummy B


  1. It is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

  2. Just wait until you start dreaming about blogging....

  3. Great post, nice to get a new blogger's point of view.

  4. Welcome to the playground!
    I'm new around here too and loving it as much as you


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