Saturday 28 March 2020

Gardenrun and air frying - Day 9

It's hard to maintain normality when the world isn't normal but it's Saturday which means parkrun - though obviously we can't do one of those. So instead I did another gardenrun this time assisted by Jason Momoa:

Here is my full run report:

Today's outfit was lady in need of a hairdresser after 12 weeks of isolation:

It did turn out that I had it on back to front:

With the joys of technology my daughter and I did an online video Harry Potter quiz together even though we are currently 6 miles apart on lockdown. Being able to keep in touch and feel together even when we are apart is a great feeling.

Yesterday I had decided to bite the bullet and get an air fryer. We need to be able to cook more options whilst staying healthy:

My first attempt at chips didn't look amazing but they tasted pretty good:

I am now after air fryer recipes!

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