Friday 20 March 2020

Thoughts on isolation - Day 1

As of last night my son and I are in quarantine as his coughing is flagged as potential coronavirus. I am trying to make the best of a bad situation and fill my time by re-activating this neglected blog! We have at least 14 days at home so I will try to do more regular posts...

Yesterday when I realised that we have suspected corona I was scared and angry.

Scared that we may have shared a virus that is dangerous to those less healthy than ourselves whilst being told to keep going to school.

Angry because we hadn’t been able to get a normal food shop in because of people panicking.

Today I’m feeling loved and blessed. I was advised how to get hold of our missing fruit and veg by ordering a delivery from Parsons, so now we won't get scurvy. The man delivering it had even lived in our house years ago!:

Another friend was going out to the Lakeland Farm Visitors Centre farm shop and got us enough meat for a week:

I have had friends bring me a loaf of bread and children's paracetamol (I hadn't been able to buy any in the last couple of weeks!). Another gave me a peeler as I am now making everything from scratch with all this wonderful local food! I even attempted leek and potato soup a la Delia Smith:

I was worried about feeling socially isolated with only Jason for adult company:

However I've had lots of conversations through the window or the length of the garden path! There has been so much love and support on Facebook and Twitter. I even had a virtual coffee morning using Zoom with mums from England, Finland and Northern Ireland.

This is a great chance to catch up on chores and the state of my house! I've got 2 lots of washing dry on the outside line whilst starting to rescue the kitchen. Every day I will spend a couple of hours on getting the house organised.

As for my son he is coping pretty well, hard to keep an active teen locked up! He made himself a fitness circuit in our back garden, which isn't very large:

Regular doses of medicine keeps him boosted and he is hoovering up the snacks! Just hope come Monday he will get on with the remote learning he has been given from school. I spent an hour getting his PC all sorted with logins and OpenOffice.

So we have 13 more days of not being allowed out or anyone being allowed in! I will keep on sharing the useful things that I have found to help cope with physical isolation. All I can say is thank God for the Internet...


  1. I did this - I posted for over a week every day. Then yesterday I ran out of things to say. LOL. Partly because we sunk into total lethargy for a week. I told my Dd that from tomorrow we are going to stick to some sort of loose schedule. Let's see how long that lasts. Cooking is good. I's do some myself but my daughter won't eat anything except pasts. This is going to be a long few weeks or months! I wish your son better soon. Also best wishes to your daughter wherever she's hunkering down, Lots of love, xxx

  2. I need to get back to reading blogs again! hope you and your family stay well xx I'm enjoying virtual coffee mornings on zoom if you would like to join x

  3. I would love to have coffee with you on zoom. It's about time we met. I downloaded it onlo my phone but I think I need it on my computer too. I'm not sure exactly how it works.


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