Wednesday 25 March 2020

Medieval mayhem - Day 6

It was another glorious sunny day up here so my choice of medieval attire turned out to be a trifle warm today:

I had a pretty busy day of real work as I was tutoring 3 of my regular students. We are all getting the hang of this video conferencing stuff. It's a steep learning curve but its making such a difference to my ability to still earn a little money, despite being confined to the house.

My son decided I had worked hard enough and said I had to come out in the garden for some fresh air:

He had even gone off and made me some peanut butter cookies:

Having failed for the last few years I have been once again trying to save cash based on the day number of the year. One problem with the current situation is I am a) not getting cash and b) not getting any change! It's lucky that I hadn't sealed the pot as I had to change a note:

I do get the feeling that once again I am not going to succeed for all 366 days due to circumstances beyond my control but not quitting yet!

My mission in the kitchen continued and I tackled the cupboard under the sink. Nice to get it organised with the stuff I use most often more accessible:

Then I remembered to join in with Gareth Malone's choir rehearsal. He suggested videoing ourselves taking part to share with him so I apologise for your ears:

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