Monday 30 March 2020

We're going on a bear hunt - Day 11

After yesterday's exertions I surprised myself by mostly managing the Joe Wick's live workout:

It then took me quite a while to decide what I should dress up as today... Decided on something comfy and practical so went for a Mallory Towers inspired school girl look:

After I'd done some chores and my son had done some school work I turned our last (rather ripe) banana into pancakes for a lunchtime pudding:

Then I updated our painted window to match the local scheme of We're Going on a Bear Hunt:

I have put our biggest bear under the original rainbow so that local children walking past can spot it:

As my Easter weekend break to Sherwood Forest is cancelled I commiserated myself with a Harry Potter lego set as I won't be having the days out I had saved up for:

My son is now OK to go back out and he braved Asda to get us more food and some dog food for my parents. I did get a few texts but he succeeded in his mission! 

With the aid of video technology I helped my daughter with her English Language paper. Very surreal with me dressed as school girl and her as a deer:

My legs are now complaining about yesterday so let's hope I can walk tomorrow!


  1. Haha, I also have three carrot tops sitting in 5mm of water on the kitchen window sill. And we don't even eat carrots usually.

  2. My mother used to say, "brush your hair, you look like the wreck of the Hesperus." My BBF's mum used to call her the wild woman of Borneo. I guess the world is split into two types of mother - Hesperus types and Borneo types.

  3. I admit it, I'm just coming for the costumes now. And for the food of course. Keep on posting, only another 500 days to go.

  4. We are eating so much healthier at the moment! Makes up for all the wine ;-)


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