Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Home cooking - Day 12

Well this morning I once again joined in with Joe Wicks and he had permission from George Ezra and Dua Lipa to use their music. It meant that not only did we have silly moves but a chance to boogie as well:

For my costume today I decided to try and do something a bit different. So here I am as Frida Kahlo complete with a monobrow:

It turns out that I was very lucky to get an order in with Parsons for a home delivery of essentials as today was the last time they were doing it. Lots of fresh produce for the week ahead:

The arrival of this, plus a major spillage, inspired me to completely scrub out and reorganise the fridge. Its so much more important to know what's in there now shopping opportunities are so limited:

My escapades on Sunday earned me a live interview on BBC Radio Cumbria for the upbeat segment on the lunch time show! Wonder how many other people are also virtual mountain climbing...

I had a couple of sessions of online tutoring today. Hopefully getting better at using the technology! My daughter fully embraced my dressing up craziness today and wore her 1940s ATS uniform for our English session:

Dinner was nearly a disaster as I started making the batter for toad in the hole and then discovered we didn't have as much plain flour as I thought! Luckily we had self raising flour and it seemed to work out alright:


  1. Good morning. I am intrigued as to how long the dressing up will continue. What if we're stuck at home for months? I admire your isolation spirit. xxx

  2. I will see how long I can manage it! Any (sensible) suggestions welcome!


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