Thursday 27 September 2018

Reasons to be Cheerful: A mixed bag #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart 

This is the last week of hosting by Michelle as I will be back in the hot seat for October - note to self be organised! She has done a grand job of keeping us joining in and sharing the love linky love. I hope everyone continues to join in as the number of bloggers taking part is a reason to be cheerful in itself! Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:

1) YouTube

I always get a real boost on my stats after a big fell race and the English Schools' Fell Running Championships was no exception! It makes the hard work worth while when I see that I have had over 1,000 views in 2 days. Of course it would be even nicer if this meant I had earned money from it but hey ho!

YouTube views Becky Willoughby

2) Proud Mum

The downside of videoing the races is that I generally don't see my son finish them! Luckily for me Woodentops are often there to capture moments like this when my son dug deep to beat the boy wearing number 34:

fell running English Schools fell race

3) Cute Puppy

You would have to have a heart of stone to not have a smile on your face when meeting this gorgeous 14 week old spaniel:

spaniel puppy

4) Autumn grub

Its definitely the time of year for a change of menu. Out with the salad and in with soup and hot desserts like baked apples:

baked apples

I think those all make for a good variety of reasons to be cheerful this week! Now to have a look and see what has made the rest of you happy this week:

Reasons to be Cheerful proud mum, cute puppy, YouTube Views, Autumn Grub


  1. I'm also looking forward to soups and hot desserts. Not to mention porridge for breakfast again.

  2. Lovely post, love seeing your happy photographs.. we should all be more thankful.

  3. I'm loving that look on your sons face! That is immense determination and I need to try a baked apple again, I think Guides was the last time, errrm 31 years ago! lol Mich x

  4. Well done to you and your son and yes that spaniel looks very cute in that photo, while seeing the baked apple just makes me hungry! Have a good week xx


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