Monday 17 September 2018

Reasons to be Cheerful: Better late than never! #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

Due to work commitments and then being ill I am very late with my reasons to be cheerful this week! Its a good job that Michelle is a kind host. There were lots of reasons for me to be cheerful:

1) Lakes Alive

We joined in with a drumming parade and then some light and music installations on Kendal Castle. Its great living in a town that embraces culture in the great outdoors:

2) Return to parkrun

I have been missing in action from our local parkrun for months due to family commitments. It was wonderful to be back (although I will be missing a few again!):

3) Proud mum

My son had his first top 3 finish in a fell race for 3 years at the Great Westmorland Trail Race. A great boost for his confidence as well as making me proud:

4) Furry family

Love my little guinea pigs and they seem to appreciate me by giving me cuddles:

5) Super sunsets

One of the best things about being back up on the Helm for training is the cracking sunsets we get whilst we are up on the hill:

Now to go and catch up on everyone else's happy posts for this week:


  1. I had no idea guinea pigs gave cuddles! lol It sounds like a good week, despite being ill. Big well done to yoru son. Mich x

  2. I'm sorry but that guinea pig photo reminds me of my Grandmother and her fur stole. I hope you're feeling better. xxx

  3. Think they were holding on for grim death ;-) Cheers

  4. Been able to do basic housework today! This was a living fur stole ;-)

  5. Beautiful sunset, well done to your son and Yay for Parkrun!


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