Tuesday 11 September 2018

Pembroke Castle

As part of our second week in Pembrokeshire we visited Pembroke Castle. Most of the group from the first week had had lots of fun there so we were keen to go ourselves. It was grey and windswept day but the courtyard of the castle was colourful and brightened up the day:

Pembroke Castle

There was plenty to do to keep us occupied including wax works depicting scenes from the castle's history:

Pembroke Castle

The castle dates back to 1093 when it was built by Arnulf de Montgomery. Since then famous residents have included William Marshal (Earl of Pembroke) and Henry Tudor the future Henry VII. The key figures are all round the castle as cutouts with information buttons:

Roger de Montgomery
 Henry VII

There are still enough towers to climb up with lots and lots and lots of spiral stairs... The highest one is the Great Keep:

Pembroke Castle Great Keep

Whilst eating our picnic at the tables in the courtyard there were quizzes to intrigue and entertain:

Pembroke Castle

Inside the rooms on the ground floor were slide shows that played onto the brick walls that explained the castle's history:

Pembroke Castle

With it being the school holidays there was extra entertainment laid on. This included a dragon trail and Sir Sensible on his gallant steed Horsa:

He told us that we shouldn't miss going into Wogan's Cavern which is a dark cave underneath the castle:

Then the children in our group got involved in the dragon parade:

It was definitely a hit with everyone and compared to a lot of castles entry prices were reasonable at £6 per adult and £5 per child. 

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