Wednesday 5 September 2018

Heatherton World of Activities

The biggest day out on our trip to Pembrokeshire was to Heatherton World of Activities. We had enjoyed this trip last year and had wished that we could do more, we also needed to budget for going with both groups of holiday makers! It proved to be an incentive to get my son out of bed for 2 weeks on the trot to do car boot sales to raised enough money for our credits - you pay to play. We were able to buy a decent amount of shared credits and this is some of the fun that we had:

8 Track Slot Racing

This is so much more fun when you have a group to race against so perfect on our break. Even I got to have a go, although I swear I always get the slowest car!

Bumper Boats

I really need to have a go on these next year as my son and the other children had a wonderful time crashing into each other!

Mini Landrovers

My son was still just young enough to drive one of these. He did struggle to fit in the seat though! 

Go Karts

We had never done these before as my son hadn't fancied them. This year everyone in the group wanted a go and I joined the adults and older teens in the full sized karts:

My go kart didn't want to start so I was late off the grid and got hit on the first bend by a super speedy fella which knocked my confidence! Not sure why my kart didn't go as fast as everyone else's but I did have my foot flat on the floor... This was my son in the junior karts:

Body Zorbing

This was more of a success this year for my son as he wasn't pitched against just big teenagers. A top tip a friend learned the hard way is don't take part if you have sun burn on your shoulders as the straps rub...


This had grown a bit since last year which made it trickier but we did solve the new clues to get to the middle and escape!

Water balloons

My friend Phil joined in with this one! Its hilarious to watch as they chased each other around with water filled balloons...

Pistol Shooting

On our first visit I just acted as gun loader for one of the boys but the second time round I had my own turn. My son thought it was quite scary that I could hit the target fairly accurately! 

Adventure Golf

One of those highly competitive rounds of adventure golf with me coming out on top again! No wonder my son didn't want to do it on week 2...

Water Fight

Big water guns and a 30 minute water fight was perfect on a sunny afternoon! I got a lovely hug straight after this photo...

Water Zorbing

My son was a bit better at this this year but its still a tricky thing to do plus it was very hot inside the balls in the sunshine. Still one of his favourite activities though.


We all had a go at this one. I did better the first week and my son was better on week 2...

Zip Wire

Last year I went on this on my own, this year my son joined me. 

The one thing that got a thumbs down was the laser clay. My son was struggling to reload his gun and the guy on it just kept going to the next round without checking all the participants were ready. My son had to get his tokens refunded.

I think we need to start saving up now for next year!

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