Friday, 14 April 2017

#FitnessFriday on Good Friday

No picture of me at Fell Foot this week as we were away last weekend but I will be back there in the morning! With it being the school holidays everything is out of sync but I am trying to fit in as much fitness as possible even if its just walking to the train station for my weekend away... Speaking of which after over indulging with friends I headed out on Monday night for a gentle 5 km run around my favourite route:

So it wasn't the fastest run ever but I really didn't push myself. It just felt good to be out running in Kendal again:

On Tuesday we had our 18 holes of Foot Golf which was a nice gentle walk with some kicking of footballs on the way round! 

The next day we had a 3 generation hike up Loughrigg Fell. Its a steady climb up from Rydal Water then a steep down back to Grasmere:

I got some nice views of the route of the Grasmere Gallop and a short recce of part of the 10k trail run that I have moved up to after 3 years of the 5.7k fun run:

Yesterday I finally had a chance for my long run and decided to try doing intervals on the trail route I have been doing 10k on (I had been put off by stiles etc and didn't think it would work!). Turns out running 60 seconds and walking 30 seconds knocked 4 minutes off my previous time:

The beautiful scenery probably helped too:

Tonight my 10 year old asked to go running with me (normally I am considered way too slow!). So we headed around my 2k block. He was very kind and ran slowly so that I wasn't over stretching myself! My fastest time on this route since June 2016:

Tomorrow it is back to the proper route at Fell Foot so I will have to see if all the running has paid off with a better time than my last time on the cross country route...

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