Friday, 21 April 2017

#FitnessFriday Who cares about the scales!

The school holidays have a mixed effect on my fitness. I have more time to exercise but I also have more time to eat and drink rubbish! So the scales were not my friend this week but I am another 3 inches down on a month ago:

What I am pleased about is the amount of walking and running I am clocking up a lot of which is with my 10 year old! After a big family lunch on Good Friday  I went for a nip around our 2 km block at home with him:

Then we had parkrun with my brother and nephew joining us. My daughter took all the official photographs.  In the run up to the finish I realised that despite not feeling like I had gone all out I was on for a good time so I put my foot down... tripped over my on foot and had to run back for my specs! Despite that it was my fastest parkrun of the year by 30 seconds and my fastest since July 2015:

Then on Sunday I went out for a social run with Kendal Jogging Pals at Sizergh Castle.  This is me heading off into the distance with the purple top and hi viz jacket:

Monday was all about lots of walking in Grasmere with our trip to Allan Bank. Tuesday we walked into town for shopping and then I cycled to dancercise, on my daughter's bike as mine had a puncture:

My son and I started the Running Bug 30 day core challenge on Wednesday as having a strong core is beneficial to runners! We will see how we get on and whether it improves our running... Afterwards he came out for another whizz around the block:

After that non stop run he went back home and I used my intervals on my hill 5k and surprised myself by only being 10 seconds off my PB for the route:

We repeated the procedure last night but this time he wanted to do the whole thing! This time I was slightly slower on the 2k route (as we were hatching Pokemon!):

However having a speedy 10 yo on 4 out of the subsequent 5k made me 40 seconds faster on the hill route:

Today we once again did plenty of walking to hatch Pokemon and then I went out for a steady 5k just to add some distance without putting in too much effort:

So I am pleased with the amount of exercise I have achieved over the school holidays. This pic shows last week and this week (before tonight's run):

I am well on the way to my latest virtual race medal! Next week the diet should be back on track but the exercise will be squeezed in to the rest of my working schedule..

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