Friday, 7 April 2017

#FitnessFriday on a Friday for a change!

Well after not running for a couple of weeks I am getting back into it! I also managed to get my first Lycra shot for ages to show what losing 16lb looks like:

As you can see it was very wet at Fell Foot on Saturday and I was lucky to come in under 35 minutes in horrible conditions but it felt great to be back:

I decided as it was stunningly sunny on Sunday to go out on my long country run and found it almost too hot even though it was beautiful:

So despite the fact my legs felt fine I was slower than when I last tried the route, at least I completed the full 10 k this time. Think next time I will try my run intervals to help my stamina and speed:

I recuperated with 10 lengths of the pool then mucking about on floats with the children. It must have done me some good as I ran my fastest 5k for 14 months on Tuesday:

I then had a sunset run to finish off our winter training with the juniors:

Now its the school holidays so let's hope I can run more and eat sensibly to keep up the momentum..

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