Thursday, 6 April 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful April! #R2BC

Right having been caught out by Thursday coming around quick I am now ready to do a proper host post! It is the last week of term at my school plus my son has had 2 secondary school information evenings so the days have just run away from me.. I also missed last week with Michelle so I am doing my fortnight's worth in one go...

1) Proud Mum #1

On a very sunny Saturday in March my son and I met up with the Wonderful Wild Women in Coniston for a walk up the Old Man. He had said he only wanted to do the lower level 5 mile walk. When we reached the point where the group split he decided he actually wanted to conquer his first serious Wainwright as he wanted to see how deep the snow was. This was the answer:

2) Sibling co-operation

When a friend visited unexpectedly on Saturday that was one reason to smile. When we ended up with an impromptu musical evening with my daughter teaching her brother how to play her keyboard I had a huge grin:

3) Sunny running

We have had some wonderful sunshine and I made the most of it to get out for a 6 mile run on Sunday. It was just stunning out along the old canal and down through Sedgwick:

The fact that I subsequently ran my fastest 5k for 14 months on Tuesday night was another fabulous reason to be cheerful. Then last night we ran into the sunset on top of the golf course:

4) Proud Mum #2

Tonight my son was visiting his big sister's school as part of his choices for year 7. She tagged along and unexpectedly was able to impress the Head by being an excellent tour guide! I have to say she was a good sales person for the school when questioned by parents. As we left the Head of English told me how impressed she was with my daughter's work some of which is displayed in the department. Great for her to have a chance to shine.

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