Friday, 28 April 2017

#FitnessFriday Speeding Up and Running Miles #FitBitchesMOVEment

Having a Virtual Race with a minimum distance in a set time period is a real incentive to get out and run! The challenge this time was to run or walk the distance of the London Marathon in a week.. I had already walked the distance before Friday but I wanted to run the majority but had only clocked up 14 km. So I laced up the trainers again and went out for a gentle 5 km and made myself go slow by playing Pokemon Go as I went:

Then it was Parkrun day and I didn't want a repeat of tripping myself up so I took it steady but still notched up a 34 minute time:

I am definitely looking so much trimmer even if the scales are still stuck!

The next day I joined several Parkrun buddies for a National Trust 10 km from Claife Station to Wray. It was a very sunny morning so I was glad of the shade of the trees, especially as my Camelback wasn't working (turned out I had put a kink in the tube!). Doing intervals meant that I had time to appreciate the stunning views:

On a hilly route I was pleased with my finish time:

It meant that I put in a very respectable total for the race and finished 22nd out of 384:

I gave myself a well deserved rest on Monday and then on Tuesday went to dancercise with my daughter. It was Wednesday before I was up running on the Helm with the Juniors:

Last night I thought I had better see if I could manage a nonstop 5 km for the first time in weeks. So I set off in what I thought was a steady pace and surprised myself by knocking 1 second off my fastest time for the year:

Tonight I wanted to see whether doing intervals would make me faster and set off at a good pace. My first kilometre was a similar time to the previous night but then my times got faster as I warmed up... A final sprint past my house saw me knock another 42 seconds off my time and the fastest 5 km since March 2015:

Let's hope for a good Parkrun tomorrow and hope the form holds. 

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