Tuesday 11 April 2017

#CountryKids Football Golf at Casterton

Country Kids

We first discovered Football Golf whilst on holiday in St Austell two years ago. Today we finally got around to trying our local course at Casterton. The concept is simple.... kick a football around a golf course and try to get the lowest score. At Casterton the Football Golf is on part of the proper golf course and you start at the same place as the golfers:

Each hole has a different par and distance:

Of course its not as simple as it sounds when you aren't super footballers but boy is it fun and highly competitive when you have grown up siblings and cousins on the course! Even though it was a bit chilly we didn't mind at all as we were having fun:

The course was in a beautiful setting and the course was obviously well cared for:

It did have its fair share of rough areas and hazards such as trees which made interesting for those of us who strayed off the fairway...

There were also some slopes where our balls kept on rolling back down... Just like in normal golf there were times that the ball only just didn't go down the hole:

Luckily there were also some lovely straight bits that we could just whack the ball up:

As the course only has 9 holes we had a cafe break before coming back out for our last 9 holes. We can recommend the sausage rolls and homemade cakes! We will definitely be back for a rematch..

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