Friday 20 January 2017

#FitnessFriday Keeping it up

The reality of juggling being a busy teacher and a mum whilst trying to get fit and be healthy hit home on this third week. We all needed a lie on Saturday so I missed parkrun and had to have my comparison photo taken indoors. A total of around 6 lbs gone is already making a big difference:

As I had missed my 5 k run I decided to multi task and run into town as the bank was closing in half an hour's time. Its useful to be fit enough to get there more quickly:

I really didn't feel like I'd done enough towards my necessary mileage so headed out again and managed a 5 km route too with my fastest time since November :

On Sunday we went for a 4 mile hike and after I'd dried off and warmed up I went back out and did my first non stop 5 k for a long while:

I mixed things up a bit on Tuesday and went to dancer size again but this time with my daughter. Its such a fun way to get sweaty! Then last night I managed to escape briefly for my fastest run since October 1st - definitely quality over quantity:

Think this might be known as the Minion run as I rather resembled one afterwards:

My target for running this week was 20 km so having only run 7 so far I had better get out tonight and get a longer run in plus parkrun on Saturday...

I finally unearthed my old Rosemary Conley magic measure tape. The original measurements which are fixed are back from 2010 when I was a similar weight to now but a lot less toned. Virtually all of the measurements are at least 1 inch smaller than when I first used to the tape:

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