Sunday 1 January 2017

#CountryKids A walk on the Helm

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
In order to kick off our search for MORE we asked my parents to join us on a walk this afternoon. My daughter snapped us all as we set off:

It was a glorious afternoon although it was very muddy as we ascended at our nearest end of the Helm:

After the rain on New Year's Eve it was wonderful to be out in the sunshine even if it was cold. You also get wonderful view across Kendal to the Howgills from the top:

My son runs on the Helm in the summer months so suggested we took the less frequented route on the far side of the central wall. Four of us took this route whilst my dad stayed on the other side:

My son found irresistible to lay in wait on our side of the wall to try and surprise Gramps:

He was successful on at least one attempt:

We eventually all ended up on the same side of the wall (if you don't you have to climb a 5 bar gate!). There are always plenty of dogs up on the hill and we met the lovely Zack who enjoyed having his ball thrown by us:

We eventually reached the trig point which is usual aim on any walk up the Helm:

Of course you can't get to a trig point without at least one person climbing on top it.. with the added obstacle of someone having left a Christmas posy including holly on the top:

The descent is an easy one but it was incredibly boggy after some recent rainfall:

There are also some giant potholes which are a legacy of Storm Desmond (the road has been closed for over a year). My son was inspired by having watched a film about Jesse Owens, to attempt to leap them:

Luckily even he reckoned this one was too big:

After dinner we walked home and I loved the way our hats made for intriguing shadows on the wall:

So glad I bought him  Pikachu hat:

We have more adventures planned already so watch this space...

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