Friday 13 January 2017

#FitnessFriday A good start to 2017

The end of my first full week of getting fit in 2017 and how did I do? Well here is the one week on post parkrun picture next to last week's:

I had to tighten up the waist band on the running belt as I had lost 3 1/2 pounds! So that is a great start to giving up booze and exercising more. My daughter is now running with me and on this Saturday completed her unicorn medal event. I also received my first bling of the year:

Having her wanting to come out with my when I do my 2k block on a weeknight is a great motivator. She was so proud of herself when she ran the whole way without any walk breaks at all (and had energy left to sprint off and leave me at the end!):

I am glad I clocked up some extra kilometres whilst on holiday last week as it has been harder to hit my weekly target of 20 km. Receiving bling number 3 was a great push to get me out on a cold wet night though:

I am definitely getting plenty of short runs in but I need to more slightly longer ones to keep up the momentum. It will be a case of exploring old routes when I have the time around my parental and work commitments:

Having a colour chart is a highly motivational tool to visualise how far I have come (34.7 km so far). It does also make the distance left feel quite daunting:

Of course its not just a case of exercising (or even just running as I made it to a dancercise class this week). I need to watch my calorie intake too. Abstaining from booze is a quick fix but I have to make sure I am not eating rubbish to compensate. My fridge is packed full of healthier foods I just need to remember to eat them. At least when I ended up at MacDonald's with son on Sunday I remembered to switch my fries for carrot sticks with my chicken:

So here's to another successful week and a healthier and fitter me!

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