Friday 27 January 2017

#FitnessFriday Speeding Up

I am keeping up the momentum for the moment and after running 7 km on last Friday night I hit my 20 km target once again. For the longer run I employed a run/walk strategy of 60/30 seconds and it kept my pace pretty even - except for the serious up or down hill bits:

It was lovely to see another 4 lbs gone when I stood on the scales on Saturday. I am sure this will slow down now I have gone through the 10 lb barrier. Here is my weekly comparison pic (taken by an adult this week):

The smile is partly because I had knocked a whopping 2 and half minutes off my previous parkrun time and I was feeling great:

Of course exercising is not enough of its own so I whipped up a stir fry on Saturday night to boost our vegetable intake:

On Sunday after my children had run in a fell race I donned my own kit and with the same interval strategy I smashed my 5 k time for the year:

The other way I am monitoring my intake without counting calories is to shrink the size of plate or bowl my food is going on. Its much harder to overeat when there is a smaller space to put food on :

Fell running with the juniors still wasn't easy but I was able to dash back down and get to my son who had hurt himself in a faster time than I had previously:

Last night I finally braved the long climb up near our house... The interval running helped but I am well off my previous times:

So we will see what tomorrow brings on the scales and at parkrun... Hoping my slight sore throat tonight doesn't develop into something worse and put a spanner in the works..

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