Friday 5 September 2014

Striking Mums: Setting Out

Kate on thin Ice Striking Mums

I have decided to join in with Kate On Thin Ice's Striking Mums group to help motivate me to improve my life and my children's lives! Each week she is giving us prompts to ponder on. Here I go with this week's ones:

Are you match fit as a mum?

Well having stood on the scales on the last day of the school holiday I would have to say no! I need to lose a fair amount of weight to be healthier and to be able to keep up with the children.. My running took a major back seat during the school holidays and it is showing in my weight..

So now we are back in routine (although its a new one for me) I need to get running again on a regular basis. I also need to take more care about what I am eating and drinking to help shift the extra pounds.

Luckily I am up to date with all the health checks that I qualify for so its a case of just doing my best to get that healthy weight range. Its going to take planning and organisation but its all feasible.

Let's hope I can squeeze in more runs like this one around my training:

What baby step can you take towards your hopes and dreams this week?

Well I took a huge step and started my teacher training course. One week in and I am surviving so far. Its taken a long time to reach this point so I had better make the most of it...

Who can help you on your journey

I wouldn't be able to do the training without a huge amount of help from my parents and other local family. Having people around to share the load when it comes to school runs and even over night stays is worth its weight in gold. So grateful that my family are fully behind me on this big step. 

Hope other mums join in and support each other.


  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona)6 September 2014 at 15:08

    A great looking piece of coastline and what a joy to see the seals there basking in the sunshine. Spotting seals here in Cornwall is always something that makes me feel like I am on holiday and very privileged to witness. Thank you for sharing your lovely if blustery day on Country Kids.

  2. Lovely photos! It looks such a wonderful place to visit!

  3. Wow well done and good luck with the teacher training x

  4. Best of luck with the teacher training & I really admire you for running! #StrikingMums

  5. it was super special seeing them! I ended up with sun burn it was so bright..

  6. We can do this together! A few of us need to get 'match fit'
    Good to hear you have a good support system, especially now you are training to be a teacher x

  7. wow what amazing nature and wildlife photography love the birds and seals!

  8. What lovely photos, I grew up near there and it is so great for walking, when I was a teen I spent a week on Skokholm Island and there was so much to look at - if only I had had the camera I have now!! #silentsunday


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