Saturday 13 September 2014

#CountryKids A walk along the river

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It was another glorious day today so I decided to walk into town to pick up a parcel from the newsagents. Fortuitously I had accidentally chosen the wrong shop and it was the other end of the town from us. This meant that we could walk/scoot along the river and miss out on the town centre streets. There was also loads of time to stop and look for wildlife:

We are very lucky that the River Kent is very clean (apart from some idiots who chuck stuff in the water in town) so there is plenty to try and spot. There are various species of both fish and fowl that frequent the water and if you are lucky you can see otters.... I only have done once! This meant there were frequent stops:

Then we would all head off again with my son leading the way on his scooter:

It was so quiet along the river bank and the water was really clear and still:

My daughter and I kept on catching up with my son as he would go so far ahead and then stop and look. This time he was looking for fish (he saw a few!):

It was great that the water was almost stationary thanks to the lack of rain so we could see right to the bottom very easily:

Sometimes its hard to believe that you are almost in the centre of town as you wander along the bank:

The swans seem happy enough to make their homes right next to the bridges:

As a treat we stopped for ice creams and milkshake next to the river and had time to look at all the ducks and gulls enjoying the river:

We then carried on along the river before crossing back over near the park to head into town for our chores. It may not be the quickest or shortest way but it is certainly the nicest especially on a day like today...

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