Tuesday 23 September 2014

Running Around

My course seems to be speeding up fast now and we have essays to write and planning to do which means I am finding little time for much else! One thing I am determined to keep up though is running. I am having to invest in 2 nights of quality long runs as they are the only 2 I get, I am getting my son some new running shoes so that we can do some shorter runs at the weekends too. 

I have restarted the 10km runner programme at week 10 level as I was able to run for a max 10 minutes at a time after once again losing fitness. Last Wednesday I managed 5x 10 minutes with decreasing intervals which was the furthest I had run in one session since June! Last night I intended to do the day 2 of the programme which would have repeated the same kind of run which takes around 70 minutes.. 

Instead I had to drop my son's forgotten book bag to him at my parents' house. I knew from a previous run that it takes me just over 30 minutes to get to my parents' house if I run there. So I decided to ditch the scheduled running plan and instead do a double run to drop off the bag. I was still going to do 10 minute intervals but just using my watch and not the app.

It must have looked a stranger than normal sight as I jogged across Kendal holding a primary school book bag in one hand (I have to say its not easy to run carrying one!). That may have been part of the reason why I wasn't finding the run as fun as normal.. then part way along the canal path I was over taken by a lady of a similar age to me. She then eased off and ran alongside me and we chatted as we went. It was really nice to have company for a change as I normally run on my own but her pace was a bit faster than mine so I was relieved when she diverted at the Leisure Centre (not surprisingly the bit I ran with her broke my records for that stretch!). 

I was only at my drop off very briefly as I didn't want to cool off. On the return leg I felt much more in the mood for a run. Although I was disappointed that I didn't get a rest at the lights crossing over Stramongate on the way back... It was a truly lovely evening to be out on a run:

I do wish I didn't live up the hill from the river as by the time I get back up I am ready to drop so I just managed to do a return leg of 36 minutes:

Scary thing is that on Wednesday its back to 12 minute intervals which I last did on May 14th.. Wonder if I can beat the 11.1 km distance I ran that day... watch this space... 

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