Tuesday 9 September 2014

Not a cotton wool family!

I have always been one to encourage my children to be adventurous and take risks within reason. Whether this is body boarding in the sea, Westmorland wrestling, or adventure trails and completing the National Trust's 50 things before 11 3/4. Of course many of these have resulted in bumps and scrapes along the way but it never puts the children or I off from our adventures.

Last weekend my children went climbing trees in the local park. What I hadn't mentioned in the previous post was what happened to my daughter about 10 minutes after she posed for this photo:

Whilst attempting to get back down she somehow managed to slip and fell from that height. She broke the fall by landing on her elbow, but seemed OK afterwards if a little sore, as she carried on having fun! 

Today she was still complaining about it hurting so I allowed her to go to school in a sling to rest the arm. I just thought that she had jarred it and needed to rest it for a while... fast forward to tonight when I saw her after school. It was still not right so I had to take her up to our local minor injuries unit.

Luckily it was very quiet in there so we weren't forced to watch too much of Eastenders before being assessed. After being poked and prodded by two nurses they decided she needed her elbow X-rayed. Another wait down at X ray and a chance to compare notes with the other 2 mums attending with their offspring!

Then a wait for our turn to see the doctor once he had sorted the previous couple of boys. Eventually the doctor examined her having seen the X ray. He had to go back and recheck the X ray but he couldn't find anything obviously fractured. So he gave her a new sling and has told her to rest her arm for 2 days.

So no tree climbing for her for a little while but a great relief she hadn't broken anything! It wouldn't have been good on her school residential to be in plaster... Let's hope that she has now had her full quota of X rayable accidents this year (this was her second!) and that I can avoid the minor injuries unit for a little while at least..


  1. Like you I'm a great believer in calculated risk for kids... but ouch! Get better soon. Just popped over from the Tots100 sidebar today. Hayley

  2. it was a scary parenting moment! but hopefully she will be more careful next time ;-)


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