Thursday 18 September 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful: The Sun is Still Shining! #R2BC

I am sure we are all thinking that this nice weather can't last but making the most of it whilst it is here! Thanks for everyone who joined in last week and I do hope that I managed to visit you all... Now for this week's reasons to be cheerful for me:

1) A mended car!

My car has been playing up on and off all summer and I thought it was just the heat. The final straw came on Friday when it refused to restart as I tried to leave the supermarket and get to my training course.. As I was close to my garage I called them and they came with a courtesy car and took mine away. Not long after I finished for the day they finished fitting a brand new starter motor. So I now have a reliable car again - even if the bank balance took a little knock..

2) Confirmation of student status

I am now officially a student at Cumbria University as the paperwork took a while to clear! Nice to be able to get my NUS discount card for special offers. It should help to pay for all those text books I need..

3) Torchlight

I've already done a full blog post on the carnival as it was such an amazing evening. Made me so proud of our adopted town:

4) Lazy Sundays

After the excitement of Friday night and the fresh air on Saturday we were all a bit pooped on Sunday. A lazy start to the day was required so everyone piled onto my bed with their entertainment of choice:

5) Running

Finally got my Garmin to behave after I re-booted it - just shame it wiped a few runs off itself in the process.. At least today I went further than I have done since we broke up in the summer:

So now I have to keep it up to increase my non stop running back to the hour I did in July..

Please join us and share your happiness and grab the badge if you would like it:

Reasons to be Cheerful 


  1. Glad your car was sorted & love your lazy Sunday photo! #R2BC

  2. Ohh I like the idea of everyone getting on one bed and chilling together, nice. Have a great week, Mich x

  3. you might not all fit on one bed with 5 of you!

  4. Love your Sunday photo, I can't get near our bed sometimes for long legs and gadgets of the Apple variety! Glad the car is sorted, have a fab weekend :)

  5. Looking for Blue Sky19 September 2014 at 12:00

    The Carnival looks amazing and well done on the running and the car and being a 'real' student now :)

  6. Wow well done you for getting back into further education. I hope one do my MA. I live in hope lol. Lazy SUndays are awesome I have a vague memory about what it felt like pre-kids :0) Here's to another good week.

  7. Congrats on being a student again, best of luck with your MA and all those student discounts :) and hurrah for mended cars. Looks like the month for cars breaking down!


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