Tuesday 2 September 2014

#Mintfest2014 Sunday

After the fun of Saturday at Mintfest we headed back into town for a second batch of street theatre on the Sunday. First up we came across a flock of flying pigs at the Birdcage:

Then down at Abbott Hall park a young couple were dancing off on an adventure:

We encountered some familiar faces:

And the children had an impromptu jamming session:

A beautiful dance about a man sleeping on a park bench with a suitcase full of memories was the next offering:

Then the Alice fan from yesterday appeared to be making his very own girlfriend:

She seemed very life like but oh so still:

But then she came to life and swung on the trapeze:

She was soon joined by her fella for some amazing moments:

After all the excitement my daughter sat down for some gentle handicrafts:

Whilst I had a fairly close encounter with a tribesman from a remote Pacific Island:

Where dwelt King Kong!

The afternoon was rounded off by a rather wacky performance by these two desperate men:

Shame we have to wait until 2016 for the next festival as the organisers needed a break!

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