Monday 1 September 2014

Saturday at #Mintfest 2014

It was just an ordinary Saturday lunch time in Kendal.... but on the streets strange things were going on:

As we walked down the road they got even stranger:

Then men with walking sticks and beer guts started dancing:

And bizarre characters sat with hookahs and talked about Alice:

A lady dressed as a cake was standing outside the bakers:

And an alien was talking about poo:

A flock of exotic birds was on the loose:

There were other strange creatures around too:

Luckily health and safety had sent a large number of crossing patrol folks to keep the children safe:

Then we found a giant canary doing the can-can (explains yesterday's photo!):

The normally silent library was livened up the Blast Furness:

The exotic orange trip were still going strong:

That was a taste of Mintfest 2014 in Kendal this Saturday!

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