Wednesday 21 May 2014

Workout Wednesday - Hot stuff!

I need to get used to the warmth again as running in the sun is extra hard I am sure that it must burn so many more calories! A good week for running with the training programme really pushing me but not over extending me. 

I broke my record on my countryside run from Plantation Bridge to Burneside:

That run took me to over 40 km of running in May! Then I had to up my game and run 25 minute non stop (well I sort of did as I only got half way up my nemesis hill..):

Today was thankfully cooler and I ran around Kendal on my town loop:

So I am feeling quite pleased with myself! Not only is my stamina coming back but my overall speed is slowly increasing too - not yet repeated the under 6 minutes per km I managed for part of my last race but I am sure I will get there.... eventually..

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